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Tropical Garden- Residential Apartment I


Electronic City, Bengaluru

Tropical gardens is a premium apartment complex with an area of 2.5 acres

Given the name of the apartments we have tried to incorporate a tropical theme into the landscape hence the whole plant selection is made from a tropical theme plant palette which includes plants with broad leaves and other dense plants akin to tropical forests.

Tropical forests are known for their rich flora and water bodies like streams and rivers and so we have tried to incorporate a water body, a swimming pool with a weir edge fountain in this case by placing it at the center of the residential blocks.

As one enters the premises they are greeted by sculptures. There is a waiting sit-out area next to the entrance portal. The driveway runs all around the apartment perimeter allowing access to the various landscape features.

The driveway/jogging track pattern is created such that they act as guidelines to both the people driving and the pedestrians using it.

A paved alley that connects the driveway to the apartments leads to the podium where one can find steps accompanied by a weir edge fountain on either side.

These steps lead up to the swimming pool where we have included a pool deck with seating. A sheet fountain compliments the swimming pool and the weir edge fountain.

Moving past the swimming pool area one steps down to the kid's play area with board games embedded in the floor.

The perimeter of the apartment is surrounded by activity areas for the residents such as a meditation/yoga deck, and seat walls that act as pause points.

Parking space is also provided along the perimeter of the driveway with a dense vegetation buffer which helps in sound dampening, the perimeter of trees running all around the site also contributes to sound dampening and acts as a natural barrier to create a sense of separation from the outside world.

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