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We are a group of Architects, Urban Designers, and Landscape Designers, who have come together to create meaningful designs in the realm of the built environment. Our varied exposure to different fields and geography helps us come up with solutions that address different aspects of Architecture and Design. This is what makes our designs wholesome and meaningful.


We believe design is not subjective but a derivative approach towards finding the ultimate solution.


Hence, our designs are programmatic and highly sensitive towards driving parameters such as context, cost, and client’s vision (the 3 ’C’). And of course, we have a fetish towards prudence in aesthetics.


We are also associated with various like-minded sub-consultants from other disciplines, which includes artists, urban planners, environmentalists, and engineers. We have also established our presence in collaboration with international firms throughout the middle east region.


Business Ethics

We have ripped ourselves off from the restrictions of standardized tools in the design industry that makes each design mundane and non-exciting to the human mind. Our company does not invest in the overhead cost of management, rather we invest in professional man-hours.

We invest in updating ourselves in terms of new ideas, technology, and other resources that help improve our design quality. Learning is what we do every day to bring in the best designs curated for each client. Hence maintaining a sense of uniqueness in design is of utmost importance to us. This is what sets us apart from other big companies in the industry who has their design style in a single uniform and identical for each client.  As a small team of experts from different panels, we are flexible in terms of specializing each design for individual client needs.


We are committed to 


Value-Based Design

Prompt Delivery



What We Offer

We look at Design initiation in two domains that we believe work symbiotically. Business model and Design Intervention. Quality design does not essentially need huge capital resources. It only needs to be studied and executed professionally. That is where we come in. We identify materials in the market that can impart quality as well as aesthetics. We make you aware of the pros and cons of each design element we use and then execute it professionally. Our design is prompt and high-quality oriented.


We simplify your Problems
Creating a space is a daunting and exciting task. When you find yourself in a situation where you have a whole gamut of information from the web, your surroundings, and many other places, and you don’t know how to address it, we help you materialize your thoughts in a meaningful way. 


We analyze, estimate, and devise your Needs 
We carefully handcraft each space for your special needs, going back and forth to our drawing boards to understand what is required in the right way and the right place. We can put your ideas in a meaningful way and execute them robustly without any hassle.


We give you a stress-free experience in realizing your dream project
We fill in the gaps created in the Indian real estate sector by bringing up feasible designs, that are profitable and at the same time fostering quality spaces by integrating high standard design elements.We make it beneficial to everyone, be it common people who are not from the construction industry to developers and the user. We are constantly updating and researching on employing materials in the market that are efficient in thermal insulation but at the same time cost-effective and sustainable. 

Our thorough knowledge in design, research, and market needs along with the know-how to execute projects helps us give you a hassle-free experience in making your dreams come true.

Cost Control:
The primary reason for a project to go over budget is design modification during the execution. This happens due to a lack of coordination between all stakeholders. At ULDS we follow an integrative and iterative design process. 

In the integrative process, we collaborate with all stakeholders such as contractors, structural engineers, vendors, and project managers from the inception of the project. It allows us to incorporate everyone’s feedback from the early stage of design and develops a concrete understanding from the very beginning. 


An iterative design process is a closed-loop system, where every feedback has an impact on design. We continue this process repeatedly till we arrive at the ultimate design. 


An important part of our design process is to stay within the financial framework of the project by designing with innovative and cost-effective material. 

Through all the above processes many uncertainties are precisely estimated early in the design process, thus a lot of unpredicted expenses are avoided. And to make it more concrete we provide extremely well-detailed execution drawings with all specifications.


Conventional Design Process                                                                                                                                                       



Stakeholders are involved only at their work stage                                                                                                                                       

Design decisions are limited to Architect & Client                                                                            


Uncertainty on output & unpredictable expenses                                                                                             


Often architects creative ego dominates & increases the cost                                                                                                            



Our Design Process





Design decisions influenced by all stakeholders


The final output is precisely estimated


No creative ego

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