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Gopalpur Eco retreat on Sea, Integrated Tourism Initiative, Odisha I


Project Area: 46.79 Acre  

Scope of Work: Master Planning


“ECO RETREAT” will serve as Gopalpur’s hollistic pilot tourism initiative building on the opportunities presented by the natural, wellness and cultural aspects while at the same time maximizing the site’s potential to promote sustainable tourism

With a steady growth in the population, economy and tourism potential, Brahmapur Development Authority (BDA) plans to harness the tourism potential of the district.

In tune with the tourism potential of Gopalpur, BDA had identified a 46.79 acre site in Gopalpur, close to the beach. The aim is to develop a Master Plan for this entire site that creates a positive asset for the city and the community. The site is located in Gopalpur by the Sea, a quiet beach on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The projects intends to develop this land as a Tourist Hub and Destination to utilize the full potential of its strategic location. The site lies on the Gopalpur-Taptapani tourist circuit, which also has other important tourist attractions.


The proposed master plan incorporates aspiration to design a holistic and integrated tourist hub that caters to the natural, cultural and wellness aspects of tourism to promote a locale specific destination.




  • Anchor project to catalyse a potential tourism hub

  • Arts n Craft Centre to showcase local talent

  • Wellness Resort as a destination on tourism maps

  • Diversified Investment OPPORTUNITIES

  • Public Beach Promenade along the shore


  • Ensured mix of activites to attract diverse tourist groups

  • 70% of the land is landscaped for attractive open spaces

  • 2km long beach walk and cycling shore till the historic lighthouse

  • Wellness resort (100 rooms) to promote the unique hollistic wellness of individuals

  • 6.3 Acres of Arts and Craft Centre to promote the local heritage and handicrafts

  • 3.74 lakh sqft. of built up for diverse tourist facilities

  • Integrated circulation strategy across the area for emphasizing sustainable  modes of transport

  • Provision of Green infrastructure to conserve the eco-sensitive nature of the site context

  • Inclusive tourism to promote local capacity building and livelihood opportunities

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