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Budhigiri Residential School I


Project Area: 1.5 Acre

New Baldwin international residential school is a state-of-the-art educational institution spread across a 14-acre campus. The school is situated in a locality sparsely occupied by industrial sheds and the school surroundings are vast open farmlands, providing a clean and quiet environment far from the “concrete jungle”.

The project area is a 1.5-acre open ground in front of the admin building. The Admin building is the first and only place of meetings and discussions with parents for new admissions as well as existing students and is also a workplace for the inner workings of the school facilities and finances, hence we have envisioned creating a beautiful and contemporary landscape in front of the admin building.


There are water features on either side accompanying the stairs at the entrance of the admin building.


A clock tower is provided right in front of the entrance which acts as a focal point and provides an atmosphere of aesthetics akin to a big educational institute.

The hardscape consists of a paved floor with a pattern of light and grey concrete pavers. There is a vegetative buffer between the compound wall and the landscape area. A serpentine wall is provided for seating. A pocket of land on the west of the admin building houses a gazebo. This project is currently under construction.

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