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Maitram School, Manipur I


Project Area:

Site Area: 2 Acre / 8093.71 sq.m,

Built up: 2800 sq.m


Scope of Work:

Landscape, Architecture & Interior Design

The school design was one that was made to be closely connected to a multitude of green spaces thriving with opportunities for students to explore. 

It was designed as an active landscaping rather than a redundant one. Aesthetically and functionally serving its purpose yet sustainable in all aspects with water being recollected and reused for the requirements of maintaining the green spaces all year round.

Planting on the edges, amphitheater mounds, stage with feature walls, rain garden, kids play area, crossing bridge, trellis, well-manicured lawns, water bodies, planting beds, serpentine walls, paved areas, seating spaces, are the kind of design elements incorporated in this design.


Spaces in the outdoor area was segregated and carefully crafted taking into consideration the safety of the students there. Taller mounds separate the drive area from the play area and thicker shrubs were used as visual barriers. 

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