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City Walk Phase 3, 4.1 & 5 Master Plan Modification Dubai I


Project Area: 96 Ha / 237 Acre  

The vision of the development is to create a Modern Residential Community, which satisfies the following goals and objectives:

To continue in the design spirit and quality or urban environment already established with Phase 1 and 2

Create attractive investment opportunities that will assure successful and quick project development.

Provide suitable Urban Residential Development with complementing amenities


Improve the urban environment with an attractive/active public realm Provide sufficient services for the
residents, within walk able distance, to reduce vehicular trips and improve the livability of the development.

The project development strategy is based on the following factors.

1. Creation of Mixed Use Development.
2. The Development nature is Mid Rise residential buildings.
3. Affordable apartments with acceptable standards.
4. Provision of Sufficient Social Services.


The developer is intending to provide Land for
investment supported with all Infrastructure.


The Developer will ensure a high level of Public Realm
through the development since the public realm will be
implemented by himself.


A set of guidelines in addition to the DDA and other
authorities’ standards will be provided to the investors
which will facilitate his job in the design/construction

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