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City of Arabia Master Plan, Dubai, UAE I


Project Area: 12 Ha / 30 Acre  

Built up: 2,80,000 sq.m / 30,13,894 sq.ft

FAR: 7.% of site 1.8 and 30% of site 3.5


Scope of Work: Master Planning

City of Arabia is about 25KM from Dubai international airport it is situated along the south of emirates road and is approximately 4km southwest of the junction between the emirates road and the Al Ain road.


The project site is within the city of Arabia and is accessed from the ring road through the sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed road. It has a total area of 144,116.33 Sq.m. In Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed road is a prime location for new projects. Many projects have been proposed or are in various stages of development along road, including international city, Arabian ranches, Dubai land, Dubai silicon oasis, global village and sports city. Thus, the location and context of the site are conducive to the mixed-use developments proposed in city of Arabia.


The public facilities in proximity to the site includes religious buildings, parks and playgrounds, tot lots, nursery, etc. the site benefits from being part of CoA masterplan and from the IMG world proximity as a pole of attraction. It has a wide view with no density surrounding problematic to resolve.


The design principles of the development are based on creating the best experience for the different users on daily basis. The location of a park in the centre of the development enhances the pedestrian user experience turning it into a green immersion each time he steps on the public domain.


Surrounding the park, a very large number of plots can enjoy an open and green view. The green experience is supported by a landscaped street where all the liveliness, buzz and activities are happening.


The change of scale between the g+4 buildings and the g+8 mixed use buildings and the towers create a change in atmosphere and urban perception that animates the development and make it almost self-sufficient in terms of uses, activities and urban experiences.

The development is composed of a relaxed residential area with green spaces in the south part and concentrate all the activities and amenities in a main street on the north part including retail, hospitality, offices and community facilities.


The development is based on four typologies that gives it its particular architectural character.

The massing of the development is essentially g+4 floors in the south part with a substantial green vid in its middle. One the large road north, more height is endorsed. It goes from g+8 floors to sixteen floors for the hotel and eighteen and twenty-four for the residential towers. At the back of it to the north, the two towers go to twenty floors. These high-rise residential buildings are developed around two green roundabouts.


The streetscape in the development is thought not to be vehicular driven but taking the pedestrian as a major user. Therefore, most of the roads are of 18.3m and the main retail street is large, landscaped therefore shaded to help optimizing the pedestrian experience of the inhabitants and visitors.

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