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NEOM Community Master Plan, NEOM, Saudi Arabia I


Project Area: 48 Ha.


NEOM, is a planned city, located in the Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia and extends along the coast of the Red Sea.

NEOM will become a new model for “urban sustainability, a place that is focused on setting new standards for community health, envrionmental protection and the effective and productive use of technology”.

NEOM is a hub for “innovation, entrepreneurs, business leaders  and companies will come to NEOM to research, incubate and commercialize new technologies and enterprises in ground-breaking ways”.

Design Objectives

The project focuses mainly on creating an expansion of a community that has a very specific and strong vision behind its development. The visual and practical aspect of the project are equally important and can have various implications on the design. 


The approach of design shall follow the following objectives:


  • Positive impact on the surrounding urban environment

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Achievability within the design parameters

  • Beneficial from both cost and maintenance point of view

  • Creative and new-age design solutions

  • Emphasis on unity within diversity

  • Optimization of the Pedestrian Network

  • Promoting View Corridors

  • Encouraging Sustainable Design


Master Planning Design Criteria
The community is anticipated to address walkability, sustainability and all-age friendly development principles, creating a harmonious all-inclusive development that shall cater to the overall master development, including but not limited to:

  • Pedestrian Paths

  • Biking Lanes

  • Land & Hard Scaping

  • Fencing

  • Utilities (Power, Heating / Cooling, Water, Wastewater, Telecom)

  • Internet & Wi-fi throughout the facilities and accommodation units

  • Handicap access

  • Parking spots for cars & buses with Electric Charging Stations

  • ADA Parking Spaces near offices

  • Practical application of state of the art design and building technology solutions

  • Security and Safety systems and features

Concept Master Plan

The idea was to have a central hub, concentrated in the Central-West area of the project, at close proximity to the entrance gate and directly linked to the central road crossing the site.    

Residential neighborhoods were located at the peripheries of the project (U-shaped form), and overlook the central hub and offices were situated near those of the existing NEOM community. Future expansion areas were allocated for both residential and offices land uses, in the South and in the North respectively. 


The master plan proposes shaded pedestrian routes linearly distributed within the project and connecting all open spaces (green pockets within neighborhoods) to one another and to main nodes.


Autonomous shuttle and bike routes encircle both the peripheries of the site and the proposed community area with four charging facilities, two of which are situated near residential neighborhoods (one in the North-West, and the other in the Central-East) and two within the community areas.  


Vehicular parking and general services (administration, post office, reception area, resident relation building, etc.) were situated on either sides of the main entrance gate. 


The new expansion has been conceptualized with a Central hub of amenities and recreational facilities catering to both existing and new community. 

The new office campus is placed next to existing making it a comprehensive office campus. The old and new will be connected through a boulevard and common plaza.

Scope of Work

Master Planning & Urban Design

  • Site Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Design Approach

  • Work Flow

Project Philosophy
Design Criteria
Design Objectives
Alternative Concepts Master Plans
Residential Cluster Typology
Building Area Program

Development framework
Master Plan Conceptual Design Narrative


Concept Master Plan

  • Proposed Zonning Diagram

  • Land USE Plan

  • Master Plan

Cluster Site Arrangement

Proposed Master Plan
Enhancement plan for Existing community
Proposed Pedestrian Shades
Road Improvement
Ultimate Expansion Master Plan173
Security System

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