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Telangana State Urban Centre of Excellence


Self-sustained || Resilient || Graceful


Design Inspiration:

Bougainvillea is an ornamental plant that flourishes in warm climates. It is self-sustaining and adaptable in nature plant that does not require continuous care but rather can protect itself well. It is vivid, gorgeous, and brings life to any space with its presence thus ensuring a strong presence with its high aesthetical value.

Design Approach:

CREATING LANDMARK More than the physical landmark, we have used building’s experiential quality in expressing strong imageability and identity which will have a long-lasting impression in people’s minds.

We have focused on creating infinite photographic points via out design for the users which helps is establishing strong branding and advertisement for the center in this social media era.

DYNAMIC BUILDING Every space of the building is differently composed, differently shaded, and has a different enclosure ratio, yet the simplistic form of the building stitches all these spaces into one single visual identity.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT A conscious sustainable design approach has been adopted so that development consumes less energy and has a low environmental impact.

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