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The Sanctuary I


Sarjapur road, Bengaluru

THE SANCTUARY is a 50 acres plotted residential township.

The residential plots are adjacent to the main road and directly opposite to a piece of land where the client had envisioned a beautiful landscape.


This canvas of empty land will face the residential plots like a bystander looking at and admiring a painting. The above mentioned empty land would act as our “canvas” to “paint” with various elements like flora and  create spaces for activities to engage the users.

We needed an unconventional but simple approach to design here as we had a long strip of land perfect for circulation but the origin and the destination would be far apart and disconnected from each other.


Once you enter this space you come across various pause points which are lined up. Some of these features are a surprise fountain, open sports activities like a cricket pitch and a table tennis area, board games for children, a serpentine seating, a foot reflexology path, a party lawn, etc.


As people walk through the pathway they are surrounded by beautiful soft scaping and the above mentioned activity areas and pause points. The arches at the entrance accentuate both the hard scape and the soft scape creating a perfect blend to form the landscape design.

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