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Cancer Specialty Hospital, Sajiwa, Manipur I


Project Area: 7,082 sq.m or 1.75 Acres 

Scope of Work: Landscape

As the only hospital for Cancer in the entire North East, this design was very special and crucial. Hence, every element was designed with the thought of having a good influence on the patients being treated here.

The entire area was categorized into three segments of Private, Public and Semi-public character owing to its distinctive shape. A lot of focus was given on developing outdoor spaces of private and semipublic character to impart a sense of well-being to the patients.
At the front, a semi-open walkway creates a comely vista which is uncommon in any normal hospital buildings. This along with various landscaping features make it an ideal place for visitors to make their waiting time meaningful. 

At the rear, another green outdoor space provides a private bay for patients helping with their recovery process. Here the natural terrain of the plot was made use of to create a higher ground for yoga and meditation. A trail leading to the meditation mound provides for a foot reflexology path. Also, the water retention area at the lowest point was made into an exquisite pond adjacent to the meditation mound, making it a perfect space to relax. Each plant chosen for this healing park possess various medicinal and therapeutic properties. The park in the center is more of a formal setting providing a common shaded seating for visitors.

In effect, the use of such spaces breaks the notion of monotony of a normal hospital setting.  

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